CV / Resume



Advanced desktop publishing (DTP) training

Fontoló Stúdió, Budapest, Hungary

/ Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign,
Managing the whole preparation process of printing /

Károly Róbert College of Economy

Gyöngyös, Hungary

/ Department of  Economy and Computer science /

Quality manager and auditor

ISO 9001-2000

Advanced training on management of logistic enterprises

Inspection of Public Transport,  Miskolc, Hungary

2007. - 2008.

2005. -




Independent Designer

Budapest, Hungary

  •  webdesign

  •  graphical design

  •  desktop publishing (DTP)

  •  managing the whole preparation process of printing

Marketing Manager, Store Manager

Mintatvben Ltd.,  Budapest, Hungary

In Store Duties:

  •  product procurement and movement, management of existing stock

  •  management and coordination of buffet, cash register, and stock room turnover

  •  organization and delegation of daily labour processes

Marketing Duties:

  •  direction of design of various promotional materials

  •  organization and planning of BTL marketing campaigns and sales specials

  •  ensuring the functionality of the franchise network

HR Duties:

  •  overseeing the hiring processes of new employees

  •  planning employees’ work schedules

Secretary of Foundation

Ariadne Foundation,  Miskolc, Hungary

  •  found-raising

  •  financial controlling of the realization of project programmes

  •  graphical design of company image

  •  manage the Foundation’s information systems

Logistic and “MIR” (quality management) director

BBC System Ltd.,  Miskolc, Hungary

  •  fulfill responsibilities of director of transportation, as detailed earlier, plus:

  •  develop, implement and maintain procedures required for quality management systems

  •  active participation in the decision-making processes for quality assurance

  •  improve quality procedures, with the involvement of the managing director

  •  develop business plans

  •  set, realize and evaluate quality objectives

  •  lead customer satisfaction assessment and evaluation activities

  •  ensure all requirements related to resource needs and work environment are fulfilled

  •  ensuring work ethics and keeping morale at high level

  •  professionally assess customer complaints

  •  graphically design company image

  •  manage the Company information systems

2008. - 2009.





BBC System Ltd.


Europapier Hun.

Commercial Ltd.



Aida Vadasi

President of the Supervising Board

+36 20 915 5946

Gábor Csontos

Executive Director

+36 30 915 2964

András Szász

Regional Director of Division of North Hungary

+36 30 932 9205


Medium level knowledge

  •  Aspiring Language Institute (Christchurch, New Zealand)
      10/2006 - 02/2007  Intensive English Course


OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.5 (Leopard), 10.4 (Tiger), 10.3 (Panther)

WIN Vista, WIN XP, WIN Mill, WIN 2000, WIN '98

All Office programs

Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Internet, Network ..Etc.

Hardware, software user as system administrator.

2000. - 2004.

Director of transportation

BBC System Ltd.,  Miskolc, Hungary

  •  top level management of the Company’s transportation department

  •  manage and administer customer relations

  •  seek out new business opportunities

  •  prepare and monitor business plans for on-going and new projects

  •  lead, organize and monitor employees’ daily tasks and responsibilities

  •  act as the Company’s official representative

  •  manage and control all vehicle repair and maintenance activities

  •  quality management of transportation activities

1998. - 2000.


1994. - 1998.

1992. - 1994.

1989. - 1992.

Transportation manager

Fundusz Ltd.  Miskolc, Hungary

  •  management of transportation tasks

Designer and executive director

Dose Ltd.,  Miskolc, Hungary

Founder and director

BBC System Ltd.,  Miskolc, Hungary

Typographer (non qualified)

Épfer-Dekor Cooperative Group.  Miskolc, Hungary

2006. -

Driving licence,

special training





  •  special Degree on Novell Netware and Internet programs

  •  „B” category driving licence

2002. - 2008.

2004. - 2006.